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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Mar 2019 Show and Tell, Marbling Workshop

So many beautiful silk scarves by those who thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Silk Scarf Marbling Workshop.
Here are some of the scarves that were presented by Sarita, Linda, Marg, Marie, Ivy, Celia, Nell, Marianne M, Diane, Barb P, Donna A, Doreen M, and Patricia.  

We had an amazing display of show and tell this month. These are some highlights. 

For many months we watched Jan P working on old UFO.
This meeting we saw the spectacular completed hooked rug. 

Barb L wove these beautiful rugs from her own hand dyed, 
handspun rug weight yarn from Navajo Churo wool in 
a Twill weave structure with a 2/10 linen warp. 
Ilse used her stash for this silk scarf woven on 8 harnesses. 

Barb L presented her exquisite long, lined sleeveless
 jacket from her handspun yarn, woven yardage. 

Detail of vest
Patricia knit this shawl using kettle dyed
30%silk/70%wool blend.
Gail has woven six rugs since the beginning of Jan.
The yellow/turquoise rug is for a friend's first great grandchild. 

Donna B makes many 'quiet books'. These are samples
the variety of pages in the different books. 
Brenda P remakes wool clothing into
new and fun pieces.
Raelene wove these scarves from hand painted 2/8 cotton
warp (from 2015 Studio workshop) with a bamboo weft and twisted fringe.
The draw twill required a light beat. 
Jen hand dyed BFL Gotland locks using acid landscape
dyes (Australia) to achieve these beautiful colours.

Linda W. eco dyed silk scarves using leaves,
an iron bath, and onions.
The woven scarves on an 8 harness loom are tencel.
Much more to come...




Thursday, 14 February 2019

Feb 2019 Show and Tell

This month our Show and Tell is an interesting mix of samplers, historical pieces, recycled fabrics, and new items. 

Jen spun this natural brown yarn from one
of her llamas who passed away
The yarn spun by Wendy P was hand dyed from her 'Miracle'
 marigolds. Using t-shirts, she wove her first rag rugs. 

Ilse wove upholstery yardage to redo her DR chairs.
The hand spun and dyed yarn is Romney and Samoid.

Nell wove Samples for the next guild project
on our 8 shaft loom. The left one has issues in the
weaving. The one on the right is our next project.

Wendy H used old blue jeans and purchased yarn to
create a bag and Easter baskets for her grandchildren.
Gail wove these rugs on the loom made by her Stepfather for his Mother.
One is for her grandson and the other for her daughter-in-law.

Detail of Cynthia's Table Runner

Cynthia wove these tea towels in a thicker cotton, 6/2 at 16 epi.
Right is a table runner in linen from Handwoven Jan-Feb 2019
p.56. She notes there is an error in the treadling sequence.

MaryAnna wove this block twill scarf in
Zephyr merino wool on her 8 shaft loom.
'Winter Confection' woven by Barb P. As described by Interweave, the Handwoven Jan-Feb 2019 project is
weaving that appears simple at first glance, but when you look closer,
a level of complexity is revealed."

Brenda showed her last project in bamboo
and silk  and bamboo woven 10 years ago
as she prepares to start weaving again. 

Lynn wove two cotton throws and these rayon chenille scarves
Michael used the family's stash and a 4 shaft loom for his
red scarf (latest Handwoven). The coloured striped scarf
was on a rigid heddle loom and the ball of yarn
was the result of hand dying experiment. 

Fabric yardage by Cynthia
Marianne M's cute knitted 'Whale' hat. The striped scarf was
knit from sock yarn eco dyed last summer using a mix of
coreopsis, golden rod and another (can't read my writing,lol). 

This is Marianne H's knit Whale hat. Both Mariannes'
hats  were a product of the Fair isle Knitting workshop.

Terri's knitted and felted chair pads from her hand dyed and handspun yarn

Diane L's socks from a pattern found on the internet

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Jan 2019 Show and Tell

My thanks to Gail and Jen for the photos and notes from the meeting. 
Gail used sheets, t-shirts, sweat pants and sewing scraps
to weave this rug for her new great grandchild. It matches 

the quilt her daughter made Blueberry Patch Blog

Ilse's hanks of handspun, knit socks from
the same and she wove Damask place mats  
Eva wove this acrylic yarn shawl in a rosepath pattern. 

Michelle's woven scarves and knitted hats


Barb P's spinning 

Donna A's spun with a drop spindle, then
used ihe yarn to knit fingerless gloves.
Patricia's knit flowers, baby hats
and a slouch hat

Brenda P remade a Nordic pattern sweater
from the thrift store to create an owl hat,
gloves and bum warmer. 

Dinosaur hats knit by Alex

Klaudia knit angora blend
fingerless gloves and Xmas socks 
Terri's assortment of knitted flowers
and leaves awaiting a project 

Ponytail hats and headbands by Maggie

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Sept 2018 Show and Tell

The Guild members were very busy over the summer partly caused by lots of indoor time as a result of the smoke from the wildfires. I had 5 pages of notes! 
Following is a selection of the Show and Tell.
Karen wove this beautiful blanket of Monte Cristo cotton in 2 sections, measuring
at each inch of weave, rather than in doubleweave and chancing a warp thread
 from the other side getting caught. She then sewed them together (photo below). 

Cynthia used her stash for these tea towels. The beautiful knitted shawl
wool purchased at a trunk show required a lot of blocking. 
Below, the wine, blue and white scarf was woven using merino wool.
Using silk dyed by Jen, Cynthia noted that it was very important to
watch the beat for the green woven scarf. 

Karen B's Woven shawl in plaited twill with variegated
2/8 tencel warp on 8 harness loom.
Here is a closeup of the weave:

Stephanie was inspired by 8 step gradient hand dyeing to
create these dyed hands of yarn. She wove the tea towels
in a two block twill pattern on her new 8 shaft loom.

Bonnie won 1st Prize for her Tunisian crocheted shawl
 in a lace weight silk and wool yarn.

Jen's silk scarves using various dye techniques. The tri-colour
scarf was 3 dye lots including using logwood and citric acid to lighten it.
Below are cotton shawls. 

Jen eco dyed a white table cloth with Cochineal,
iron and other natural plants.

Barb P crocheted 8 very cute baby and children's
Owl hats in 
various colours and sizes as
part of 
the Owl challenge.
This crocheted shawl, full of beads was
crafted by Barb P.

Margie used merino for this knitted sweater

Doreen knit block squared to create this lap blanket. 

Karen G. knit the shawl and child's dress from her stash, the toque
is a Ravelry pattern ULJHAN, the blue bath scrubby (green tie)
using red Heart scrubby yarn and did some spinning as well.