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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Summer of Fire Challenge & Mar 2016 Show n Tell

2015 was the summer of fire in Oliver, the home of our Guild and of many members as the hills all around burned and the valley was covered in dark smoke. Even if we did not live in Oliver, all of us were greatly affected by it. In the Fall of 2015, Jen presented this as our Challenge theme, due at our March meeting. There were many outstanding and artistic entries.
Marianne Macdonald on the inspiration and crafting of her piece: 
On the afternoon of Aug. 14th, 2015 I was visiting my friend, Lesley, on Bellevue Dr. on the east side of Oliver. We were watching a wind storm wreak havoc with garbage cans and loose bits of clothing and littered bags when around 5 p.m. we noticed smoke coming from the north of town across the way.  I hurried home to the west side to see increasingly larger volumes of smoke till finally I saw fire crest the hill a block and half away from my home.  And the fire was burning down toward town fuelled by the strong gusts of wind.  Oliver Fire Department worked tirelessly all night to contain the fire and no homes were lost or lives endangered. I packed my car in anticipation of being evacuated though that never happened in my block. 
The scene above is of the fire from Lesley’s home on Bellevue on the east side. While the fire and smoke is absolutely central I find it striking that a lot of street lights and other lights punctuate the area in town.
First I knitted and machine felted a black back ground, then I needle felted the scene.

What talented and creative artists we have in our Guild!

Barb L's Scarf of Flames
in 12 gauge bamboo woven at 32 epi
on an 8 harness table loom
in a block weave twill,
Handwoven Mar/Apr 2015 p 52.
Knitted Alpaca Scarf representing
the sage hills tinged with fire by
Marie R.using yarn she dyed and hand
spun from the wool of her own alpacas.

Marie's Fire Challenge scarf represents
the colours of the flames of the forest fire. It is knitted
from her own hand dyed, hand spun, alpaca yarn.

Marg H's Fire Challenge tea towels
in M's & O's.

On the left is an Eternity scarf in tensil woven by Lynn B.
and on the right is Linda's shadow weave scarf
also in tensil woven on an 8 harness loom..

Left is a wool blanket woven on 8 shafts by PJ,
In the middle are two runners woven by Lynn B.
On the right, Karen G's a knitted poncho (folded) and hand spun yarn.
She says the poncho pattern is "My Friend Dianne"
and the yarn is "Taos" by Crystal Palace Yarns. 

Stephanie's Challenge tea towels: Using
the same warp, on the left is in M & O's with a
black weft and on the right, treadled as a
plain weave with a cotton boucle white thread.

Randi's striped work socks and her
Fire Challenge Table Runner woven
on a 12 harness loom

Fire Challenge: Wet felted flower by Patricia,
Lydia's flames of spun yarn and Marianne H tapestry on a Saskatoon twig
frame depicting the smoke, her house and the fire on the hills

Locker hook chair pad depicting
the flames and burnt trees by Ilse,

Fire Challenge lined book
bag by Barb H using her
plastic bag weaving piece
and her 1st Inkle band weaving

Woven scarf, tea towels and socks by Margie

Two knitted & felted bags by Maggie:
Fire Challenge and Christmas theme

Jan's fire Challenge free form knitting &
felted purse of a sheep & the smoke
Hélène had fun creating her Challenge, a papier mache.basket
with clouds of smoke and  a bomber dropping fire retardant

Michelle's knit scarf and a set of tea towels all
woven from the same warp and in the bottom
left is a pair of child's s
ocks knitted by Klaudia.
Guest Robbie C made this felted wet on wet scene
of the road, flames and tree in her yard (on sponge backing)

Baby dress & hat by Greta

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Efficiency Warping Workshop with Sharon Wickstrom

Sharon Wickstrom, of Home Spun Haven in Vernon, BC, came to Oliver this weekend to give 12 students her workshop on Efficiency Warping. For myself, I can only say it was brilliant. I learned so much. As an inexperienced weaver and never having done a warp on my own, I've always been mystified by warping and the cross (which I knew was essential). Everything finally fell into place. That was not the purpose of the workshop but for me, the penny dropped and the whole process became clear.  We learned many tricks on how to save time and strain on our bodies. Our experienced weavers learned how to make the preparation from warping to the warp being on the loom faster and easier. She made sure each of us had lots of practice (muscle memory) and that we picked up the techniques correctly. She brought an extensive selection of yarns and roving for purchase. A number of Guild members dropped in to shop and to say hello. Thank you Sharon for the wonderful day!
Demonstrating her Warping Method

The Cross

Tying the cross




Eager students
And not the least, Shopping!