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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Betty B. knitting a very interesting hand bag.  Will try to get some pics to post when it is finished

Another busy drop in day at guild.   Next week is our regular monthly meeting and show and tell.  If we didn't have show and tell I'm afraid I'd have many more UFO's hanging around waiting to be finished.  I came home ready to finish the three scarves that need crocheted flowers on them.  I need to learn to crochet.  Donna A gave me a "30 second lesson" one day when she popped in.  Will it be enough!  You girls will know next Thurs. if I bring finished scarves or not.
Last week Marianna C. was sitting picking cotton seeds out of cotton balls she had grown in her garden last year.  I was interested in what she was doing and brought home a few seeds to try planting.  Soaked them all week and they sprouted so planted them in an egg cartoon until they are big enough to plant outside.  I'm sure we could grow crops of cotton in our valley.  Now wouldn't that be interesting to have a cotton field next to a vineyard.  Any cotton pickers amongst our group?  Not a profitable venture and it seems we do everything for money today and never just for the fun of doing it.  Marianna  is going to spin her harvest into wicks for her home made candles.   Apparently you can buy genetically altered seeds that grow colored cotton.   If anyone in our local cyber world has tried this let us know. 

Klaudia D crafted this happy tea cozy.

And then decided it could double as this happy, delightful little hat.  You are so much fun Klaudia D.

 Our loom projects are coming along nicely after a frustrating start for our loom mistress.  Thanks Linda for you patience and perseverance.  The gals who have signed up for this project appreciate you.

Marianne M and Dianne H enjoying working on a shared project

Marie enjoying her new spinning wheel.  Marie cards and spins all their own alpaca fibre.     

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