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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Spin Challenge Results and Jun 2016 Show and Tell

This was our last gathering at the community Centre before our summer break and the start of the summer activities. Before starting our fabulous pot luck luncheon, the Spinners presented the results of Jen's Spin Challenge and members their Show and Tell items. Between camera battery issues and items packed away before lunch meant only a sampling of members work is featured here.

Some months ago, a Spin Challenge was presented by Jen to the spinners willing to take it on. Even our most talented spinners found it very "challenging" as the bag of mixed fibres, rovings and thrums in various colours were materials they did not normally work with or combine. Approaches included sorting by colour or tone, warm and cool or complementary and one spinner discovered singles would not ply with commercial yarn as it needed prepping first.  

Spin Challenge sample bag of whatever!
Terry spun some boucle's mixed with single yarns
and spun thrums into a curly cue yarn (peaking out in the middle)

Barb W.  separated her bag into warm and cool colours
which she spun into
rose coloured shanks.
Ilse found complementary colours which she spun into very thick plies,
for her a challenge since she normally spins and plies very fine yarn.
M2 spins by Barb L.
Jen doesn't spin thick stuff normally. She sorted her bag into piles, carded it together, then split the bats & started spinning to produce one huge ball of yarn (it was BIG 😊).
 Show n Tell: Starting with the dyeing and spinning by Jen:
From her own Irises as the source of the colours,
theses skeins of silk were first dyed using irises and cold water.
Then two in an acid bath; one alum bath, purple iris water in a hot bath;
beet water in alum bath (organic) and some natural spun wool
(the small dark balls) from her two new kid goats.
Some runners as a result of the
Alice Irwin workshop?

Ilona wove a green tabi scarf with an all silk
warp. The blues piece uses a warp created
from silk hankies she had from the
Pendleton ANWG Conference 10 yrs ago.
The weft is her own
handspun singles woven
in a broken twill pattern. This piece will probably
be used to make a small bag.

Karen wove these red tactile towels from a pattern she found in
Handwoven at 18 epi as recommended by Jane Stafford
Hand towel project by Marg H.

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